Anti-Bribery Compliance ELearning


Project Overview

Anti-Bribery Compliance ELearning

Our client, a multi-national corporation and global leader in computer hardware production, had a requirement for compliance training. Specifically, the organization needed to deliver training to its employees to increase awareness and understanding of bribery and corruption and the associated risks.

Our client, like every organization, has a responsibility to ensure that its employees have a good understanding and awareness of how their jobs are affected by issues such as bribery and corruption. There is a legal responsibility on each employee to report any instances of bribery they may become aware of. It is in their interests to do so as they can be held personally accountable for any involvement in cases of bribery and corruption that have a direct impact on their firm.

The eLearning course we developed for this client is an interactive online course designed to educate directors, managers, and employees at all levels of the organization on anti-bribery compliance and legislation, and the importance of conducting business in a non-corrupt way.

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