Training Configuration When Policies Change Doesn’t Have to be a Headache

Does it seem like company policies change almost the instant your training programs become solidified? Maybe those sales numbers are on the rise, or your accident rate has been on a six month decline and you know it is a result of finally getting that training program right. Then something changes.

Sometimes training configuration when policies change can be a nightmare, sometimes it is a simple fix. The good news is that policy changes don’t necessarily require a complete overhaul of your training program.

The bad news is that changes to your program will -at some point- be inevitable. If these two aspects are addressed then those changes will be easier to implement:

  • Company inclusion – Company policies are like the heartbeat of a company. They generally include how things are done, when things are done and act as a blueprint for business. When policies change and it impacts the way training is done, it is imperative that everyone in the company is made aware of those training and compliance changes.
  • Clear and direct communication – When a training program is working properly, employees, staff and management begin to integrate that training naturally into their routines. Changing one or more aspects of training means that clear and direct communication that defines the changes and outlines definitive instruction regarding those changes is necessary.

Companies can change policies fluidly, although many of those changes aren’t initiated by the company itself. Changes in laws, industry or the economy are a few of the reasons that policy changes may be needed. Many companies alleviate the headache of building, maintaining and updating training by utilizing agencies that provide training services and assistance.

If you need to get your training program started, need to evaluate your current program or just want assistance with the process, then contact us. Our team is ready to help yours – we are in the business of making training and compliance simple.